Boat “Gilija”

Up to 50 passengers / WC / Denis (about 10 people)


The ship „Gilija“ is a spacious and comfortable passenger ship. Covered interior, soft seating, tables in the cabin. You can have your drinks and snacks on board.


Top routes:


Dreverna – Juodkrante – Dreverna (2 hours stop)
2 hours sailing and 2 hours parking – 520 Eur with VAT

Dreverna – Dead Dunes – Dreverna (non-stop)
3 hours sailing and slow speed along the dunes – 480 Eur with VAT

Dreverna – Nida – Dreverna.
6 hours sailing – 960 Eur with VAT. Stop – 100 Eur / hour. with VAT

Dreverna – Mingė – Uostadvaris – Dreverna 
One-way sailing time – 4 hours. The duration of the whole route is 8 hours. Price – 1280 Eur with VAT. Stop 100 Eur / hour. with tax

Parents (guardians) are responsible for the safety and care of children throughout the trip.

laivas vilhelmas dreverna
Boat “Pasvaiste”
Speedboats „YAMAHA“ and „Maxum“
laivas vilas dreverna
Boat „Vilas“