The campsite receives and serves guests according to the established and published reception opening hours seven days a week. Those wishing to enter or leave outside working hours should notify us in advance in order for exceptions to be made.
Guests arrive at the holiday home from 15:00, check-out until 12:00.
At the request of the campsite guest, a late departure (stay in the holiday home is extended until 6 pm) is available at an additional cost (50 percent of the holiday home’s daily rate).
Guests arriving at the holiday home must present a valid ID.
Upon arrival at the holiday home, the guest is presented with a guest card, which must be filled in according to a valid identity document (passport, identity card)
A bracelet is issued at check-in. The number of bracelets issued is equal to the number of guests staying in the cottage. All residents of the campsite must wear the issued bracelets during their stay. The bracelets are intended for free use of the Dreverna camping service (playgrounds, spa, swimming pools, etc.). A campsite employee who notices a guest without a bracelet in the recreational area has the right to ask him to purchase a day visitor’s ticket or leave the area.
The campsite administrator uses the data of the document submitted by the guest to register the guest, and returns the identity document to the guest upon completion of the registration.
Visitors of the day visiting guests staying before 22:00 must purchase a guest ticket at the campsite reception.
Guests staying in the holiday home (s) after 22:00 must check in with an ATK or valid passport and pay for the accommodation.
Persons under the age of 18 are only allowed to camp with adults.


Advance booking is confirmed by payment of a booking fee, which is equal to 100 percent of the total price of the stay. The reservation fee is payable within 3 days of booking
The guest must pay the bill in advance within 3 days of booking or on the day of arrival, if the booking is made less than 2 days before arrival (exceptions may apply).
We do not accept credit card charges. Prepayment is made by bank transfer or paid at the reception.
Camping guests staying in a holiday home for less than 24 hours (24 hours) pay the full price regardless of payment and / or arrival
A guest who has paid for the services but decides not to use them will not be refunded. If you leave the campsite earlier than planned in the reservation, i.e. y. if you do not stay all the time, the money will not be refunded to the guest for the time you do not stay.
In case of late arrival, a fee will be charged for the actual downtime of the cottage.


Guests with pets must inform the administration in advance. The administration reserves the right not to provide or terminate accommodation at Dreverna Camping without prior notice of arrival with pets. In this case, the night will not be refunded.
The holiday home can accommodate up to 2 animals up to 30 cm tall.

A fee of one pet 10 Eur per night

Accommodation service with pets is not provided in houses Nr. 35-45
Pets must not endanger the people living in the campsite, their peace, health and life.
Pets must be muzzled and on a leash in the camping area.
Do not leave your pets unattended in the camping area.
Pet owners are required to collect animal feces and dispose of them in a container.



The campsite administration reserves the right not to allow unwanted persons.
Hours of rest from 10 p.m. until 8 p.m. Only non-noise activities are allowed during this period. It is forbidden to listen to music loudly, make noise, drive around the area in motor vehicles.
If the inventory of the holiday home is lost or damaged, the perpetrators will compensate the damage according to the purchase value of the item. If guests cannot be accommodated due to damage, the full price of the holiday home will be paid during the damage elimination period.
It is forbidden to use the towels in the holiday house by the pool, in the spa area, on the lagoon beach.
The camping area is monitored by video cameras.
Holidaymakers who have been warned twice for breaches of public or internal rules are checked out of the campsite without a refund.
Persons visiting the campsite guests must comply with these Rules.
The administration does not guarantee a specific cottage number. We only guarantee the location of the cottage line (cottage with a view of the Maria and a cottage by the pool).
The entertainment area is open from 10:00 until 20:00 during the summer season. In the non-summer season from 15:00 to 20:00. The campsite administration reserves the right to change the opening hours of the Amusement Area, which will be announced on the Dreverna Port social network page and other information dissemination channels available to guests.


Slide furniture (without administration approval).
Store flammable materials in the rest house.
Create a barbecue or other open fire devices on the terrace of the rest house.
Damage the inventory of the holiday home.
More people than the campsite administrator are instructed to accommodate in the holiday home.
Bring bystanders to the rest house without informing the administrator.
Leave electrical appliances on.
Use of electrical appliances other than the electric hob, kettle and when these appliances have been removed from the administration and the administration has been warned in advance about the use of such appliances (use of various chargers: computers, telephones; shavers, hair dryers).
Keep animals and birds in rest houses without prior notice to the administration.
Keep aggressive animals that could harm other camping guests.
Interfere with other camping guests to enjoy the rest.
Noise and no other sleeping guests during the night (22:00 – 8:00).
Smoking in the cottages is strictly forbidden. Fine – 100 Eur. For your safety, all rooms are equipped with fire alarms.
It is forbidden to leave young children unattended in the camping and port area, and parents or guardians of minor children must ensure the safety of children.


Follow general Dreverna camping and these rules.
When leaving the holiday home, hand over the door key to the administrator and make sure that all the services are paid for, hand over the occupied holiday home.
Strictly follow fire safety regulations.
When leaving the house, make sure all electrical appliances are properly turned off: lights, TV and
Be sure to check that all hot and cold water taps are tightly closed.
When leaving, make sure that the house is securely locked and that no unauthorized person can enter it.
If any damage is observed in the holiday home, the campsite administrator must be notified immediately.
The holiday home key can only be issued upon presentation of an identity document. If the house key is lost or damaged, the fine is 10 euros.


The holiday home’s facilities, equipment, furniture and bedding must be clean and tidy.
The camping staff can repair small rooms and inventory without disturbing guests.
To ensure security, the campsite administration has the right to enter the holiday homes.
The campsite administration is not responsible for unsafe and lost valuables and / or damage to them in the holiday home.
When the camping guests behave criminally (not in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania), the administration always applies to the competent authorities.


The campsite administration is always waiting for guests’ wishes and suggestions in order to improve the quality of the services provided.