For the purposes of these rules, unless the context otherwise requires:


Operator – UAB Beno laivynas Legal entity code 304717970. Address: Pamario str. 12, Drevernos village, LT-96240 Klaipėda district. Phone number +37060480108. E-mail address:


Dreverna Recreation and Entertainment Port Recreation Area – The area of ​​the Recreation and Recreation Complex managed by the Operator, the indoor pool and sauna area, the outdoor pool area, the water slides, the pool café, the holiday cottages and rooms, the beach café and the sports grounds.


Dreverna Recreation and Waterway Water Area – Operator-operated Recreation and Entertainment Complex Area, Indoor Pool and Bath Area, Outdoor Pool Area, Water Slides, Pool Cafe


Children’s amusement area – a separate part of the indoor pool area with a special water slide,

an indoor pool and fountains and a separate outdoor water slide area.


Visitor – every person in the Recreation Complex. A visitor is considered to be any person who is from

The Operator has purchased a ticket, received a permit or entered the Rest in other ways specified by the Operator





These rules establish the procedure for servicing the Visitors of the Water Area of ​​the Recreation Complex, the provision of mandatory safety, hygiene and other requirements for the Visitors, the rights and obligations of the Operator and the Visitors and the limits of their liability. The internal rules are designed to ensure the safety of each Visitor, a pleasant rest, a good mood and to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings.

These rules apply to all Visitors to the Water Area and each Visitor must comply with the requirements set out in these rules.

The recreation complex is open from 10:00 until 20:00 during the summer season. In the non-summer season from 15:00 to 20:00. The campsite administration reserves the right to change the opening hours of the Amusement Area, which will be announced on the Dreverna Port social network page and other information dissemination channels available to guests.

The Visitor acquires the right to use the services provided in the Water Zone after purchasing a ticket, obtaining a permit or legally entering the Recreation Complex and the Water Zone in other ways specified by the Operator. The conditions for purchasing tickets are determined by these rules.

Before purchasing a ticket and picking up a bracelet and starting to use the services provided in the Water Zone, each Visitor must carefully read these rules and familiarize those who come with them.

Each Visitor who purchases a ticket and picks up a bracelet and / or otherwise enters the Water Zone confirms that he is familiar with these rules and has acquainted them with those who have accompanied them, and undertakes to unconditionally comply with these rules and ensure that they are complied with together. arriving persons.

The Visitor who purchased the ticket / picked up the bracelet is responsible for the consequences of the Visitor and / or the minors accompanying him / her not getting acquainted with these rules.

Persons of any age shall have the right to use the services provided in the Water Area, except for the exceptions provided for in these Rules.

The Operator has the right not to allow and / or remove from the Recreation Complex and / or Water Zone persons whose behavior is unsafe or inappropriate, may endanger other Visitors or the security of the Operator’s property, does not comply with the Recreation Complex concept, contradicts good morals and others in society standards of conduct adopted, public policy. The Operator has the right to remove from the Recreation Complex and (or) Water Zone Visitors who disregard the warning signs located in the territory of the Complex, the requirements specified in the signs, do not comply with the instructions of the staff, or otherwise violate the Recreation Complex rules. In the specified cases, after removing the Visitors from the Recreation Complex and / or Water Zone, the money for the tickets will not be refunded or otherwise reimbursed to the Visitors.

Intoxicated persons, as well as persons whose health condition may pose a threat to other Visitors, including but not limited to persons suffering from infectious diseases, persons suffering from infectious skin diseases, conjunctivitis, persons with open wounds, and persons are not allowed to enter the Water Zone. with any other ailments that could endanger the health and safety of yourself or other Visitors.

Persons with disabilities who in need of assistance and care from another person, Rest

the complex and the Water Zone may be visited only if accompanied by an adult supervising them.

Visitors must assess their own health status, access to and use of the Water Area’s services and entertainment and the associated risks to their health, and use these services and entertainment solely at their own risk and responsibility. In any case, the Operator and its employees are not responsible for the Visitor’s health disorders, injuries, injuries, accidents caused by the Visitor’s visit to the Recreation Complex and the Water Zone.

The opening hours of the recreation complex are indicated in the advertisements in the premises of the complex and are published on the Operator’s website

The Operator has the right to unilaterally change the working hours of the Recreation Complex or individual services provided in it, and (or) not to provide all or certain services, to change the prices of the provided services at any time.

For the safety of visitors, the territory and premises of the Recreation Complex, including the Water Area, are monitored by video cameras.

No Visitors’ pets (pets) are allowed in the Water Zone.

Upon the request of the Operator’s staff, the Visitors must immediately leave the Recreation Complex and / or the Water Zone (eg in case of threats to the safety of the Visitors, in case of evacuation, etc.); and must comply with other lawful instructions of the Operator’s personnel.

Visitors who have caused damage to the Recreation Complex, the Operator’s property, Visitor’s property and / or health therein shall be liable in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

The Operator shall be liable for the property and / or non-property damage suffered in the Visitor’s Recreation Complex due to the fault of the Operator in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

A visitor who has suffered property and / or non-property damage in the Recreation Complex immediately, i. y. on the day of occurrence (occurrence) of the damage, must notify the Operator’s personnel thereof, indicating the place, time and circumstances of the event. The Operator has the right not to accept or examine any subsequent complaints and / or claims of the Visitors.

The Visitor is informed that the Recreation Complex is considered to be a public place where, for marketing purposes, the Operator has the right to photograph the territory of the Recreation Complex, including the Visitors at that time. Each Visitor visiting the Recreation Complex shall be deemed to have consented to be photographed in the Recreation Complex and shall agree that such photos shall be used for the Operator’s marketing purposes, except when this would degrade the person’s honor and dignity.

In any case, the Operator shall not be liable for property and / or non-property damage incurred in the Visitors’ Recreation Complex as a result of non-compliance with the requirements and / or recommendations provided for in these Rules.

Visitors are informed that in accordance with the public health safety and hygiene requirements for swimming pools, biocidal products (chlorine, bromine compounds and others) authorized for this purpose in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts may be used for disinfection of swimming pool water, which may affect tissues, natural and artificial fiber and other materials, and the Operator is not responsible for such effects of disinfected pool water on the Visitor’s clothing, slippers, towels, etc. used in the water area. For visitor items.




Minors under the age of 13 may only visit the Water Area if they are accompanied by an adult who is responsible for the safety of minors and compliance with these rules. One adult can accompany up to 15 minor children under the age of 13 in the Water Zone.

It is strictly forbidden to leave one minor under the age of 13 in the Water Zone without adult supervision. For minors under 13 use of saunas without parental (adult) supervision is strictly prohibited.

Minors from 13 years of age up to 16 years may visit the Water Area without immediate adult supervision only with the written consent of parents (guardians)

Minor visitors are allowed into the Children’s Amusement Area only after the minor visitors and their parents (guardians accompanying other adults) have read the Internal Rules in the water area and confirmed their familiarization with the conditions (Parent (guardians, accompanying persons) consent form). Minors are not allowed in the Children’s Amusement Area if they do not agree with the internal rules and do not sign the specified consent form. Permission to use the Children’s Amusement Area is confirmed by the issuance of special bracelets.

Minors, their accompanying persons and (or) their parents (guardians) shall be liable for the damage caused to the Operator’s property by minors in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

Children under 3 years of age (or older children if required) must wear special diapers in the Water Zone.



The services provided in the water zone, the prices of the provided services, ticket prices, applicable discounts, ticket purchase locations (methods), amounts of fines and other related information are published at the Recreation Complex ticket offices and on the Operator’s website

In case of doubt regarding the visitor’s age, the Visitor must present his / her identity document upon request of the Operator’s staff.

The visitor must use only his bracelet, it is not allowed to transfer his bracelet to another person.

Tickets are no longer sold and Visitors are no longer admitted to the Water Zone 1 hour before the end of the Water Zone opening hours.

Tickets may be temporarily unavailable due to technical barriers or when all lockers are occupied.

The money paid for the ticket (subscription) will not be refunded or exchanged for a person who has purchased a ticket (subscription) and has not decided to use these services.

A person who loses an account may be issued a duplicate of the account at his request.

For systemic and gross violations of these Rules, the Operator has the right to cancel the subscription without reimbursing its price.

Persons wishing to purchase a discounted ticket must provide proof of entitlement to the discount in advance (i.e. before payment for the services purchased).

The money will not be refunded or otherwise reimbursed to the Visitor for the shorter than paid period.

Visitors with bracelets only are allowed in the Water Zone (except for children under 3 years of age)

The ticket to the Water Zone purchased at the box office and reception of the recreation complex is valid only on the day of ticket purchase. If the visitor does not arrive, is late to enter the Water Zone, or for other reasons for which the Operator is not responsible, without entering the Water Zone, the tickets will not be refunded.

Visitors who have not paid for the services and goods actually received in the Water Zone, as well as Visitors who have caused any other damage to the Recreation Complex or the Operator, shall be liable in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. Damage caused by minors is the responsibility of their parents (guardians) or other adults accompanying them.




Throughout the Water Zone, Visitors must wear special footwear (slippers) adapted to wet environments and slippery surfaces, and wear swimwear;

Visitors to the sauna area must have a large towel or bathrobe. Towels at Dreverna Camping and in the pools are strictly forbidden.

When entering and exiting the Water Zone, climbing pools, whirlpools, going to the sauna Visitors must

take a shower with soap.

The chairs and loungers in the water area must only be used when the whole body is upright.


Smoking is only allowed in designated areas marked with a special sign.

Visitors must change only in specially equipped changing rooms. Clothing, outdoor footwear and mobile phones with a defined silent environment must be left locked in the lockers. Visitors must carefully check that the locker is securely locked and contact staff if there is any doubt about the lockers.

The Operator is not responsible for the Visitors’ personal belongings left in the changing cabins and unlocked storage lockers, as well as for rented items (towels, etc.) and personal belongings left, lost or otherwise lost in the common areas of the Water Zone. In case of loss of personal belongings, Visitors must contact the Operator’s staff immediately.

Visitors are advised not to bring expensive or valuable items (jewelry, watches, mobile phones, etc.) to the Recreation Complex, which may be damaged by moisture or lost. Visitors are advised not to wear jewelry in the Water Zone. Visitors assume all risk of damage to or loss of such valuables.

Alcoholic beverages for visitors up to 20 years of age, and tobacco products for up to 18 years of age are not sold in cafes, restaurants and bars of the Water Zone and Recreation Complex. In case of suspicion regarding the age of the Visitor, the employee of the operator has the right to ask the Visitor to present an identity document.

The space of the saunas is intended for relaxation and rest, therefore it is necessary to observe silence and respect the rest of other visitors.

In dry saunas Visitors must have towels (can be rented in the pool café if necessary), which must be placed under the whole body in the sauna, and leave shoes at the entrance to the sauna.

In the water area Visitors are strictly forbidden to:

wear unsuitable clothing (eg underwear) or do not wear it at all; go to the water area with coats, jackets, etc .;

shouting, whistling, misleading the Operator’s personnel without calling for help, etc .;

running, sliding, jumping from pools, diving into pools other than designated areas, climbing and disembarking from pools and whirlpools in non – designated areas, climbing on attractions, handrails, scenery, skating on stair railings, climbing on steel structures, etc. , to disturb other Visitors with their behavior;

spit on the floor and into the water, urinate and defecate outside the toilets;

filming and photographing;

to bring food and beverages, to eat and drink in places of the Water Zone not specially intended for feeding, to bring into the Water Zone any glassware, breakable and sharp objects;

but how to damage the inventory or other property of the Operator in the Water Zone;

wear footwear in water, except for special footwear;

bring your own entertainment equipment (balls, toys, etc.)

give birth to animals.

It is forbidden to bring and use your own infusions, extracts, oils, cosmetics, etc. in the saunas, to pour water on the stones, to touch and adjust the devices in the sauna premises, to bring food and drinks;

The use of saunas under the influence of alcohol, drugs and psychotropic substances is strictly prohibited.

Visitors must leave the Water Zone at least 15 minutes in advance. until the end of the operation of the Water Area or immediately upon the instruction of the personnel.