Boat „Vilas“

Up to 20 passengers / open deck

The boat Vilas is an recreational open deck boat (no cabins). It is ideal for trips around the Dreverna River, the Wilhelm Canal and the Curonian Lagoon.


Top routes:

Dreverna – Juodkrante – Dreverna (2 hours stop)

2 hours sailing and 2 hours parking – 360 Eur with VAT


Dreverna – Dead Dunes – Dreverna (non-stop)

3 hours sailing – 270 Eur with VAT


Sailing on the Dreverna River to the Wilhelm Canal

2 hours sailing 180 Eur with VAT


Parents (guardians) are responsible for the safety and care of their children throughout the journey.

laivas vilhelmas dreverna
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laivas gilija-head
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