Recreational trips on the 50-seater boat “Vilhelmas” from Dreverna Port to the Curonian Lagoon, Nemunas Delta. The boat is equipped with a bar, a cozy salon. Parties with full meals are organized on board. According to your request, we deliver meals made in our restaurant “Dreverna” to the boat “Vilhelmas”. From snacks, hot dishes and desserts, according to a pre-arranged menu. You cannot have your own food on board. The duration and stages of swimming can be chosen individually.

Rental conditions:

  • The boat is rented only with catering service (ordered according to the menu of the ship Wilhelm or according to the menu of the restaurant „Dreverna“)
  • Boat rental price: the first 3 hours of 160 €, the next hours of 120 €
  • In addition, you can order fish soup on board 5 €/person
  • You can additionally order sets of smoked fish (the price depends on the species of fish)

We sail from Dreverna through the Curonian Lagoon (to Nida, Uostadvaris, Mingė). Routes are coordinated individually.

Sailing time from 3 hours

Parents (guardians) are responsible for the safety and care of children throughout the trip.

Top routes:

  • Dreverna - Dead Dunes - Dreverna (non-stop)
    3 hours sailing and slow speed along the dunes - 480 € including VAT
  • Dreverna - Horse lighthouse - Dead dunes - Juodkrante - Dreverna
    5 hours sailing. Price 720 € including VAT. Stop in Juodkrante - 100 €/hour including VAT
  • Dreverna - Nida - Dreverna
    One-way sailing time - 3,5 hours. The duration of the whole route is 7 hours. Price - 960 € including VAT. Stop in Nida - 100 €/hour including VAT
  • Dreverna - Mingė - Uostadvaris - Dreverna
    One-way sailing time - 4 hours. The duration of the whole route is 8 hours. Price – 1080 € including VAT. Stop - 100 €/hour including VAT

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